Do you think that what you wear to your feet defines a person? A spot on your sneakers causes you to have a never-ending depression? If you’ve answered “yes” twice, you’re probably a sneaker addict who doesn’t know. Unless you were already aware of that, in which case what I’m about to tell you will interest you even more.

Sneaker culture is undeniably a form of pop-culture that has more and more influence. Indeed, the subject is much more complex than it appears, and each shoe is unique and has its own history. A passion that brings together a crowd of passionate people, giving birth to associations such as Sneakers Empire in Strasbourg, which offers you today their vision of the city via a new itinerary: “Sneaker Addict“.

Sneakers Empire: association rimes with passion

Sneakers Empire is the very American name of a group of sneakers passionates, in love with the design of the shoe as well as its history. Because yes, we know too little, but some pairs have an origin story that goes far beyond what we imagine.

All you have to do is listen to Samuel Mantelet and Alexandre Blum, founders of the association, talking with each other about the subject, to realize what a pair of sneakers can tell. The best stories, and they both agree: are still yours, the ones that people have with their own pair of shoes, the day they tried them, the circumstances that led them to choose this pair instead of another one. Whether we like it or not, we all have a story to tell about our sneakers.

Who says association says activities and events, and this is the case here. Sneakers Empire regularly organizes aperitifs and evenings in popular locations in Strasbourg. The opportunity to discover really cool places and shops like La Popartiserie, Curieux, or to enjoy the atmosphere of more famous places like the Salamandre.

Follow their news and events on the official Facebook page!

Find the association on your radio with sneak ON AIR, the first and only show 100% dedicated to the sneaker, to its news, to its story. Don’t miss out, and stay tuned to catch the latest modes by listening to the show every Tuesday from 20 to 21 p.m on RBS RADIO 91.9!

Replays of the show are also available on the association’s Facebook page!

We even were invited to sneak ON AIR, check out the performance of Soul.City on the show in the 360° video below!


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Sneaker Addict: the easy-going itinerary

This is an itinerary that will allow you to do several things at once while staying relaxed.
The Sneaker addict route is a beautiful list of the most specialized and original sneakers shops in Strasbourg. United Legend, Wanamanashoes, Urban Shooz and many others are part of the journey. The perfect opportunity to make your wish list or complete your collection with unique pieces!
Between two shops, hit a break in one of the city’s “junk-food” corners, as each of them is more delicious than the one before, and stands as a perfect match in this growing urban culture. Among them are What the cake, American Break, and other more recent places like the Supertonic bar.
Of course, we’re not going to tell you everything, leaving you the pleasure of discovering all the other hip places!