Along the Californian Coast, San Francisco is the dreaming destination! The city is packed with history, from the Gold Rush to the beatnik movements, and is also highly multicultural, between gay villages, Chinatown, and gastronomy coming from all over the world.

We wanted to know more about this fascinating city, so that we could share our findings with you. To do that, we started our journey by discovering the best bloggers in town. Travelers, locals or expatriates, we enjoyed some of them so much that we just had to share it with you.

Va Nu Pied

This blog was born in 2001, with a simple goal of introducing Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops to their friends. Little by little, the blog mushrooms until it reaches the cities of Bangkok, Istanbul, Prague, London, Naples, Hanoi, and many more.

3 points of view are consistenly put forward. The “guide” part presents touristic information, whereas the “magazine” one chooses to rather tell the stories and everyday life of the inhabitants themselves. Finally, the “practical guide”  is a list of handy information, such as means of tranport, local change rate, etc.

As for San Francisco, we mostly enjoy these big beautiful pictures describing every neighbourhood. The “anecdote” part lets us know about little stories linked to the very History of the city!

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Le blog de Mathilde

Mathilde is a French expatriated who lives in Boston. Her little pleasure is to go on road trips around the USA. Therefore, this blog is not directly dedicated to San Francisco, but a fabulous article offers you a 3-day visit around SF to discover the city! Reading the guide makes us want to fly in California like, right now!  Hip neighbourhoods, shops, eat and sleep, Mathilde has figured out everything you need to feel inspired for your futur trip to San Francisco.

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Authentik USA

Initially specialized in road trips around the US and car rents, Authentik USA is still a very interesting and relevant blog. Latest news and useful tips are regularly posted on the blog. West Coast is such a huge topic that it comes up very often, San Francisco included obviously.

If you want to escape the routine, we hardly recommend you to go read the blog!

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Lost in SF

Lost in SF is a blog created by two French girls living in San Francisco. The website highlights their urban experiences, their “coups de coeur“, tips, cultural agenda, as well as useful information for the visitors and fellow expatriates.  “Every adresses you’ll find in Lost in SF were picked from friend’s recommendation or tested by us personally” emphasise the bloggers.

This fully bilingual blog provides such a massive content that we could almost get lost in it! Come and check this true SF encyclopedia.

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Joli Bonheur

Virigine has the soul of a traveler since she was a kid, always dreaming about living in the US someday. As she moved in California with her husband and their kids, she decides to create Joli Bonheur, a blog exclusively shared with family and friends… at first. The website becomes public in 2013, with the objective of sharing the author’s travels and adventures. Virginie live in Sunnyvale, not far from San Francisco, and has therefore a lot of things to say about the city. Districts, exhibitions, picnics, walks, we can discovers as much as we want.

Not that we are food lovers (yeah right), but we especially like the fact that Virginie shares her recepies that she discovers in her travels. A joyful blog that you definitely have to follow!

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Voyages et enfants

Traveling is also a family activity! Voyages et enfants litteraly means “travel  and kids” so the intention is pretty straightforward. Sandrine, travel passionate but also loving mom gives us 10 things to do in San Francisco, as she was passing through the city.

If you’re like Sandrine and love to travel (heck we love that too!) and do some family activies, rush into this blog without any hesitation.

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Les aventureuses

This time we have to deal with a “mother-daughter” proper duo. Sharing their vision of the world through their travels, that’s what they do. When one writes the other takes pictures and upside down. The good side of this is that the age difference gives us two visions which are sometimes opposed, ending up in very intersting articles.

Their journeys will make you travel in France, Europe, USA, enjoy the ride!

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Miettes de voyages

At first, Miettes de voyages was the story of Vanessa, and then it became the story of Vanessa and her “chéri“, as she likes to call him. After living in Canada, Singapour and Dubaï, they settle down in the US in 2016. Their passion? Travel obviously, meaning also long week-ends, backpack adventures, etc. While exploring the US, they made a stop in San Francisco and can know tell us about their amazing discoveries.

Honnestly enough, Vanessa dosen’t hesistate in also talking about what she didn’t like, which can be useful too!

One thing for sure, we’ll come back to that blog when it will be about lauching itineraries in New-York (spoiler alert!).

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Of course this list has no vocation of being exhaustive and will evolve as the time goes. Don’t hesistate to send us your favourite places or the information of a San Francisco local who you would blindly trust to discover the city!

Soul.City in San Franciso is now a thing, stay tuned to enjoy this new adventure!