I have been working for some time to create the ideal course to please children when you are in Paris. But Paris is gigantic and so rich of attractions of all kinds. I know Paris well, not as well as the Parisians themselves (although), but to propose the ideal course it is really necessary to widen the brain. Because it is easy to be tempted to propose the same perpetual places, certainly unavoidable, but not really “astonishing”.

I have to tell you that once again, I regretted not having a Soul.City course already ready. There is certainly not one ideal course, they are multiple, but to have someone who takes you by the hand, makes you go out in the right place, takes you through this small atypical lane to discover this little shop or this small restaurant with little crowd of tourists, is really great. It will not stop you from losing yourself a bit to discover yourself new things, but it saves you from missing some great things that are often known only to local people, with their anecdotes and their eyes.

So, to resume, I asked Parisians, friends bloggers, guides accustomed to demands of demanding customers and I came across a little nugget, not very well known, which is without doubt one of the most beautiful museum adapted to the Children of all ages.

Since we do not do things half when we propose a new course, I went with my little frog of 5 years (and half, yes it is important at this age half) and my parents retired.

Fairground Museum

First thing, you can not land unexpectedly there, you have to book, since visits are in small groups, be forewarned. The Museum is located in the district of Bercy, just behind Bercy Village, with these numerous terraces and restaurants, which will not be refusal when leaving the visit, believe me.

To reach it we go along large stone walls, with weird white heads at the windows, which mock us with a small intriguing corner smile. We continue to follow the signs, wondering really who can hide behind its ancient walls. We arrive at the box, behind a large iron gate, we announce ourselves and we settle down under the porch where every small detail already announces the atmosphere fairground of another time, that of pre-war, that of movies. An ambiance at the Jeunet, a true cabinet of curiosities with unquestionable magical effects.

I would not reveal here the rest, I really invite you to discover it for yourself. Because this museum is an experience that lives, with a truly particular feeling. I would just say that you can reassure your toddlers, unlike other museums, here we touch, we run and experiment. And yes, you will do the merry-go-round, and not just one, children’s wooden rides, some for adults and even the forerunner of high speed … a ride made of old bicycles propelled by the guiboles of about twenty participants , I can assure you that it moves.

The tour is made by enthusiasts, our guide, full of humor knows how to embark both young and old in a journey never boring, mixing magic, back in childhood, nostalgic stories and love of beautiful things. In short, you will have understood, it is my favorite, and it will undoubtedly part of the course “Kids Happy” soon integrated with the application. There will also be plenty of other friendly places that will complete an unforgettable day of sightseeing.

The site to book:

Musée spectacle – Les Pavillons de Bercy

Le musée des arts forains: quatres univers scénarisés sur le thème du spectacle situé dans le quartier de Bercy. Salle de réception et visite guidée !