Paris is certainly the mecca of excellent food, but sometimes the best culinary experiences are found when one is willing to step outside familiar paths.

Such a delightful meal was found that way, at a very small, almost shady restaurant in the ethnic part of the 9e arrondissement in Paris. Coming out of metro station Saint-Georges, my senses were already awaken
by various foreign savoury smells.  Walking downhill on Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, my friend Michael had promised a revelatory experience at Le Pont de Yunnan, and delivered exactly so.

le-pont-de-yunnan-wok-95e96The tiny space was vibrant with people, mostly Chinese expats looking for a taste from home.  On the wall was a lovely ancient story about a student in China holed up on an island to study an exam, and his wife dutifully delivering his favourite noodle meal, however cold because of the long journey.  She thought of adding broth to the recipe, therefore allowing her husband to enjoy a warm meal, and thus began what would become the famous Chinese noodle soup.

But Le Pont de Yunnan does not offer only soup bowls.  That evening we tried some wholesome dumplings, the most delicious crispy duck, tender leek and pepper beef, steamed bok choy, all under 50 Euros for 2 people.

It was an authentic and surprising delight.


By @AnnickCity