You may know that in every big city, despite traffic and noise, we like to preserve some green, more quiet spaces. Paris is no exception and goes even further. The 13th district of the city is a surprising and beautiful nest of nature and exotism. To pay tribute to an unfairly forgotten corner by visitors (and in fact even by city dwellers themselves), Guillaume Le Roux, a tourist guide and member of the Paris Tourism Office, offers everyone to go and meet with all these secret places, during guided tours you will find on his website Le Vrai Paris.

Today, he makes us the honor of sharing this experience by making Soul.City a new media for his journeys. Discover two brand new itineraries: Butte aux Cailles and Chinatown!

2 itineraries, 2 Paris, 1 path

As enigmatic as this title is, it simply points out the fact that these two journeys are in fact one, and have been conceived as such. The richness of the itinerary being what it is, we offer you the two itineraries separately, so that you won’t be lost in all these points!

The Butte aux Cailles is a hidden secret from the 13th District, taking the form of a small village inside the very city itself. Hard to imagine such a unique green corner lies in the middle of Paris. From the Cité Florale to Place d’Italie, through authentic cozy neighborhoods like Petite Alsace or Petite Russie, the Butte will surprise you! Its tiny streets give it a unique atmosphere. The last point of the course not far from the Place d’Italie connects you directly to the second itinerary.

Chinatown comes right up and will give you your dose of travel. Go from the Goblins Theatre and walk down the neighborhood for a visit that is going to be more foodie-oriented, with delicious and affordable Cambodian and Asian restaurants, exotic fruit shops with mysterious names. You will also discover temples that you did not know existed in Paris. The area also borrows some properties from the Butte aux Cailles as it also offers some green, quiet and beautiful corners.