Always further! After San Fransisco, Soul.City brings up a new challenge in discovering every corner of the biggest city in the United States: welcome to New York City! We went to scout the best locations in one of the most impressive nests of multiculturalism and trends in the world.

Strong of a unique style, New York easily switches between ultra modernism and history, with a rich and constantly renewed experience. As a result, we end up with tons of amazing addresses that are just waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a quick look at the 6 launching itineraries!


New York as seen on TV

Whether it is on television, cinema, newspapers, in books or even in video games, everyone already has his very own special relationship with the city of New York, even though they never went there.

Easy then, to identify with iconic locations from the popular culture, and to get the “I was there for real” feeling.

Our signature itinerary “Typical Tourist” is therefore back once more: from Times Square to Central Park, walking up the famous 5th Avenue, begin your journey with a checklist of the inescapable places to see in the heart of Manhattan.

Another popular identity of New York is the one the cinema left on it across the years. Indeed, many iconic movies and series where shot in the city. The Movie Fan itinerary will please the Seventh Art passionates as well as the TV series fans, taking them through the major filming locations in the city.

Live like a New Yorker

You already know that us people in Soul.City like to make you discover the most iconic locations, but we rather (and by far) show you hidden gems, secret addresses, easily put: something to brag about when you come home.

In order to achieve that, the Downtowner and Festive itineraries make a lethal combination in the south part of Manhattan, namely Lower Manhattan and Meatpacking districts. Between upmarket restaurants (sometimes even literally secret), typical lounge/rooftop bars, and best shopping spots, live the hectic yet cool life, Manhattan style.

But Manhattan isn’t everything! Soul.City travels across the island limits and takes a step in Brooklyn’s life. This amazing neighboorhood went, in just a few years, from an industrial district to one of the hippest place on earth, a trend mark with cool restaurants and hotels. The Brooklyn Hipser itinerary salutes two evolutions: the one the neighboorhood went through obviously, but also the “hipsters” image, once considered as a niche audience and today a fashion precursor. Coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and other surprises fresh and stylish are waiting for you.

Finaly, the last, well-known itinerary is its own category: Making the Kids happy”, the way to entertain our younger audience. We bet it will please the parents too though!

6 original itineraries for 6 different cities of New York, you just have to choose those who’re the closest match with your feelings!

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