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6 blogs to discover New York’s secrets

At Soul.City, we always have seen the citizens as the true city’s soul. Their habits and their tastes are building the very identity of the town, day after day. Even the biggest cities follow this trend, including New York. « The Big Apple », « The City that never sleeps » : you got it. Before heading there (sh! this stays between you and me), Soul.City wanted to know more about the bloggers, who not only participate to the New York’s hectic life, but who also share this life with everyone. Here are for you 6 essential blogs held by authentic New Yorkers, who will show you the whole city in the blink of an eye! Perhaps you’ll plan your futur trip?

10 Amazing Hidden Gems in NYC

Want to explore New York City off the beaten path? Our friends at have tallied 10 Amazing Hidden Gems in NYC! From exploring the uber cool Harlem neighborhood, through to seeing chunks of the Berlin Wall and unwinding in a speakeasy bar, their top picks take you away from touristy crowds to experience New York like a true local.

We Like: The Museum of Ice Cream, an immersive, “lickable” experience for its visitors. Giant Sundae anyone?

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Taste the Style

Let’s kick off with Taste the Style, the energetic blog of Cyndi Ramirez and her team, which will wake you up using lifestyle, fashion and foodie advice. Almost all the venues on the blog are based in New York, but you’ll also find some bonus locations outside the city. The blog is very well organized between fashion advice, trendy foodie places and cool bars.

We like: the whole section dedicated to portraits of New Yorkers working in the design, fashion or gastronomy domains. The best way to capture a city’s soul!

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Egg canvas

A surprisingly sobre blog for such a rich content! Erica Choi is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and shares with us her vision of New York, her city of heart. Along her urban explorations, we get to discover the soul of a true artist, sharing her best adresses, with taste and style. By the way, you’ll find a section specially called « NYC guide ». Smart.

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Love Taza

You may already know this, but the « Making the Kids happy » itinerary is a signature path in the Soul.City app. Well, it’s exactly the principle of Love Taza, created by Naomi. Dedicated to travels and nice memories, the website is above all a gem of good locations worth going to when you’re with the kids! Your children won’t have a second to be bored, and neither will you!

We like: Naomi’s tendency to go for videos instead of simple pictures, which brings a new breath to her articles.

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Real Guys Were Ties

Even though most of the bloggers are female, it doesn’t mean it’s a rule! Dan Chizzoniti proves it to us with his blog Real Guys Were Ties (and yes it rimes). The blog is obviously dedicated to men, more especially for men who’re taking care of themselves. Therefore you’ll find fashion, beauty and lifestyle advices. But there’s more: what triggers us at Soul.City are his travel/night out/bars sections, all focused on New York and its surroundings. Again, a load of good addresses, organized by theme but also sometimes by emotion, does this remind you of anything?

We like: the very « healthy » influence the blog tries to give us. There’s even a « Fitness » section for those who want to push further.

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Food and the City

There’s a blog entirely dedicated to food, what a wonderful world we live in. Food and the City (you’ll easily catch the reference) is a repertoire of trendy and delicious foodie locations throughout New York City. Created by Mel Rose, born and raised New Yorker, the blog will incite you to test everything!

We like: the fact that Mel shares a lot of original recipes to do at home to impress your guests!

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Tracy’s New York Life

We kept the best for the end. We give you Tracy Kaler, creator of the blog Tracy’s New York Life. A simple title you’ll say, but in fact very accurate, as Tracy deals with every subject. I mean literally: all of them. In love with the city since she’s a little kid, she’s curious of everything and finds for us the best spots. Latest news about New York City, newest restaurants, night outs, shopping, all the best cultural events and how to enjoy them at the best price: an entire article wouldn’t be enough to describe everything that’s in there. You could think such content would make the redaction skills weaker. You would be wrong. Again, thumbs up for Tracy’s articles, which are all very well written and detailed. She even anticipated your questions by creating a FAQ in the « About » section.

We like: the same idea as we saw in Cyndi’s blog before. Tracy highlights the New Yorkers themselves, and take the concept even further. On the top of the authentic portraits, she also focuses on small shops, packed with history, on indy music bands and even on celebrities you’re likely going to meet in the streets of NYC. Where do you actually find the time for all of this Tracy??

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