Fed up waiting for the holidays ? Had enough of the daily routine ? If you too are wanting to escape, far away, for a brief moment, spend some romantic or family time, then you are certainly a future citybreaker without knowing it .

The City Break : a few days to let go

Or who knows, you might have been already. The City Break is this new way of travelling for a long week-end, to discover cities such as Barcelona, London, and of course French cities like Paris, Marseille or Strasbourg.

Actually this is the principle : have a break, and take a few days holidays to travel.

This is a very European trend, with growing success, especially thanks to the increasing number of low cost and last minute flights, the reduction of working hours meaning more spare time, but also thanks to the communication of the cities themselves, highlighting what they have on offer.


The new traveller, Soul.City App gives the answer

Today, we travel for a shorter time but more often. A new standard which travel agencies have to adapt to. And some of them find it tough letting the old methods go.

As the citybreaker is the traveller of the unexpected. A weekend abroad can be planned just as it can be improvised. The « break » means living in the moment, and seeking surprises. No surprise then, that we have to deal with a traveller 2.0 : he’s connected, and used to improvisation, whether for the booking of his journey or the organization of his stay. The traveller of tomorrow is the one wanting to avoid constraints while aiming for quality, looking for a route which suits him, and all that with a specific timeframe…

… you see where I’m going with this right ? Yes, with us at Soul.City : we get it, and I mean all of it. We get that the traveller of tomorrow is taking shape right now, and that it’s necessary to offer him a simple, well adapted, immediate and efficient service. There are many possible « breaks », from the family trip to the romantic walk, from the gastronomic journey to the shopping marathon : any excuse will do for the purpose of letting go !

Today, Soul.City is the answer to all these expectations, and you only have to ask and we’re ready to help you discover more and more cities, more and more feelings.

So how about you? What are you waiting for to take your break ?

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Quand les vacances d’été et les plages ensoleillées se font attendre, il y a un moyen de changer d’air : les city-breaks. Des week-ends prolongés à la découverte de villes comme Barcelone, Amsterdam, Londres mais aussi Paris, Marseille ou encore Strasbourg en France.