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13th district: another Paris, by Guillaume Le Roux

You may know that in every big city, despite traffic and noise, we like to preserve some green, more quiet spaces. Paris is no exception and goes even further. The 13th district of the city is a surprising and beautiful nest of nature and exotism. To pay tribute to an unfairly forgotten corner by visitors (and in fact even by city dwellers themselves), Guillaume Le Roux, a tourist guide and member of the Paris Tourism Office, offers everyone to go and meet with all these secret places, during guided tours you will find on his website Le Vrai Paris.

Today, he makes us the honor of sharing this experience by making Soul.City a new media for his journeys. Discover two brand new itineraries: Butte aux Cailles and Chinatown!

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What if we found the beautiful children’s museum in Paris? The Fairground Museum

I have been working for some time to create the ideal course to please children when you are in Paris. But Paris is gigantic and so rich of attractions of all kinds. I know Paris well, not as well as the Parisians themselves (although), but to propose the ideal course it is really necessary to widen the brain. Because it is easy to be tempted to propose the same perpetual places, certainly unavoidable, but not really “astonishing”.

I have to tell you that once again, I regretted not having a Soul.City course already ready. There is certainly not one ideal course, they are multiple, but to have someone who takes you by the hand, makes you go out in the right place, takes you through this small atypical lane to discover this little shop or this small restaurant with little crowd of tourists, is really great. It will not stop you from losing yourself a bit to discover yourself new things, but it saves you from missing some great things that are often known only to local people, with their anecdotes and their eyes.

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A Tiger in Paris


Sometimes a magic operates in Paris.  Such a night happened when I walked into a restaurant near my apartment and started chatting with a couple of fabulous Parisians, who would become fast friends.

After an incredible meal and even better talk, Annabelle and Cédric mentioned that I had to have a cocktail at Tiger, one of the best bars in town.  So off we Uber-ed to the 6e arrondissement on rue Princesse, also named“street of the thirsty” by locals (you figure out why).


My “Breakfast Paris”, a cosmo type of drink, arrived with toast and jam!

We made our way to the bar where mixologist Toni recognized my local friends and
went about mixing some of the most spectacular cocktails I’ve ever tasted.

Here gin is the specialty, but everything you order is simply unique.




Toni was busy making a drink from a – literally – smoking teapot!

If you find yourself in Paris and want to taste some of the best cocktails in the world, Tiger must be at the top of your list.




By @AnnickCity

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13 rue Princesse 75006, Paris, M Mabillon

+33 1 84 05 81 74

Open Monday – Saturday 18:00 – 2:00 / Closed Sunday

Fondation Café : (possibly) the best coffee in Paris!

unnamed-1Living and working in Paris for a month, I discovered a few steps away from my apartment in the Marais what is possibly the best coffee in all of Paris!

Waking up in the morning I take the Passage Sainte-Élisabeth, a green alleyway behind a church which opens onto rue Dupetit-Thouars.  Fondation Café nests in a closet-sized space, and yet roasts my café-crème to absolute perfection!

A few tables are laid outside, allowing an immersion into the daily lives of my Parisian neighbours.


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Fondation Café 

16, rue Dupetit-Thouars 75003, Paris

Open Mon – Fri 8:00 – 18:00 / Sat – Sun 9:00 – 18:00

Crossing to a world of delights: Le Pont de Yunnan

Paris is certainly the mecca of excellent food, but sometimes the best culinary experiences are found when one is willing to step outside familiar paths.

Such a delightful meal was found that way, at a very small, almost shady restaurant in the ethnic part of the 9e arrondissement in Paris. Coming out of metro station Saint-Georges, my senses were already awaken
by various foreign savoury smells.  Walking downhill on Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, my friend Michael had promised a revelatory experience at Le Pont de Yunnan, and delivered exactly so.

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Feeling Artsy : Carré d’artistes

A few years back while strolling in the artsy district of Montmartre in Paris, I stumbled upon a unique art gallery, Carré d’artistes, of which I would become a lifetime fan and patron.

The concept iIMG_4198s simple:  affordable yet original creations by local artists, all sold in a square format at fixed prices.  One may acquire a small painting for the modest sum of 75 Euros, the larger pieces going for higher prices.

Several artists offer their work in different square sizes.  The result is a modern art gallery offering
original work by emerging artists, at affordable prices.  What’s not to love?

Better yet, the concept exists in many cities worldwide, including Paris and Montréal.

By @AnnickCity

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