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A journey for the hockey fans in Montreal!

If there should only one sport remaining in Canada, it would most definitely be ice hockey. As a matter of fact, the origin of the practice is almost as old as the country itself. Some will say it goes back to the year 1500, other will claim that the word “hockey” only appeared at the end of the 18th century. Well they’re both right (easier that way).

No matter what, it is still in Montreal, on March the 3rd of 1875, that the very first modern ice hockey game as we know it today was played. It makes sense then, that the city is the ultimate destination for every self-respecting hockey fan. Soul.City fully got that and offers you to discover the city while fulfilling your passion in the new Hockey Fan itinerary!

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Making the kids happy in Montreal

It has been a rainy Spring in Montréal, and while wondering what to do on a gray Saturday with three little Chipmunks, I turned to Soul.City for an answer!  Built to host the 1976 summer Olympic Games that crowned Bruce Jenner and Nadia Comaneci, the Olympic Park is today a fantastic play area for kids and adults alike.  Together, the Botanical Garden, Insectarium, Biodôme, and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium form the Space for Life, the largest natural sciences museum complex in Canada.

Easily accessible on the green metro line, the kids and I exited the Viau station, and headed first to the Biodôme.  This unique attraction allows visitors to wander through ecosystems that replicate climates of the Americas.  We first walked into a tropical rainforest, where exotic birds and monkeys could be watched from up close.  The second exhibit took us through a typical Canadian forest, a real hit with its sliding otters!  The peak was without a doubt the penguins in the Arctic region.  The children absolutely loved their visit!

When our kids travel in the future

Since the kids still had energy to spend, we then headed to the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.  The site uses cutting-edge technology to offer an out-of-this-world (literally) experience.  We settled on bean bags inside a dome to watch an Imax-like movie about asteroids.  While waiting for the projection, a complimentary hands-on exhibit got the children interested in learning about our solar system.

Word of advice:  book your tickets for the Biodôme online, you will avoid a long queue!  Packages with other Space for Life exhibits are also available.

Special thanks to: Chloé B., Marie-Rose R.L., and Clara B. for enthusiastically testing the Soul.City Making the Kids Happy itinerary!

Happy birthday, Montréal !

On May 17th, Montréal will celebrate its 375th anniversary.  The city, founded in 1642, will be a glorious sight, offering visitors and locals alike a most festive ambiance.  Beginning with the illumination of the Jacques-Cartier bridge, on a celebratory evening where all citizens are invited, several other special events will be presented throughout the summer.

At Soul.City we are especially honoured to be invited to the celebration!  Beginning May 17th, the app will offer all its users a “festive” urban itinerary, in collaboration with the City of Montréal.  This free itinerary proposes the discovery of twelve important cultural and sporting events across town, while exploring the city’s unique sights… and soul.

Avudo, the Great Invitation, Francofolies, the International Jazz Festival, Montréal completely circus, Just for Laughs, Montréal Pride, Mode et Design, and as well as many other events will make a rotation in Soul.City’s “festive” itinerary.  Taking place in Montréal’s Old Port and “Quartier des spectacles” districts, discover beginning May 17th a unique urban itinerary celebrating Montréal’s cultural DNA.


Jean-Claude Poitras: A unique ambassador of Montreal’s design DNA!

Last December, Soul.City added a new itinerary to its Montreal offering by none other than the emblematic figure of Québécois design: Jean-Claude Poitras. Poitras is a creator who is pertinent to multiple generations, and who continues to innovate off the beaten paths.  For his collaboration with Soul.City, he imagined an urban itinerary associated to the feeling “flâneur”, or dandy of a day.  The itinerary takes us to Mr. Poitras’ favourite places and hidden gems in Montreal’s Old Port.

Soul.City’s proposition meets in every way my own vision of Montreal’s lifestyle, which is made of discoveries, on the other side of the mirror, when the heart beats a little faster beyond the conventional clichés ”, says Mr. Poitras.

Adds Annick Charbonneau, Soul.City’s CEO:  I discovered in Mr. Poitras a man deeply knowledgeable of architecture and history through the itineraries he has created for us.  The result is incredibly rich in anecdotes on Montreal’s lifestyle.

The launch of the “flâneur” by Jean-Claude Poitras itinerary on Soul.City coincides with the launch of Montréal Attitude, a VIP guided tour of the city, accompanied by the celebrated designer himself.  An epicurean adventure, a circuit throughout Montreal’s design DNA, to see the city through a different eye. 

Discover the “flâneur” by Jean-Claude Poitras itinerary right now on Soul.City!


Reserve a guided tour with Mr. Poitras:

Circuit A – ½ day : Ready-to-Discover Circuit

Circuit B – 1 day : Ready-to-Discover Circuit

Circuit C – personalized : Personalized Circuit

Price available upon request

Feeling the Christmas magic in Montréal

With a few inches of fresh snow now covering the city, the team at Soul.City is in an effervescent Christmas spirit!  To indulge our festive mood, we have created a “Christmas” discovery tour of Montréal.  Beginning at the artistic heart of the city, Place des Arts, we take you to the city’s Christmas market, and to some of our favourite places to wine and dine in town.  Have extra time?  Take an electric powered Téo Taxi to the Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours chapel in Old Montréal, certainly one of the most charming churches in our beautiful metropolis.  Christmas… can you feel it coming?


by @AnnickCity

Soul.City Makes Waves at StartupFest!

Back only a few weeks from Paris, Soul.City arrived on the Montreal tech scene with a big splash at StartupFest! Held on the Esplanade du Vieux-Port from July 13-16, the event saw nearly 3,000 startup and investor attendees from every corner of the world.

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Montréal:  Intelligent Community of the Year!

In April a small group of leading business people was invited by the City of Montréal for a cocktail evening in the offices of BMO to meet Mr. Robert Bell, executive director and co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).  Mr. Bell was in town to judge the seven finalists for Intelligent Community of the Year, which Montréal had the privilege to be part of.

26041276323_91191e4f02_zThe Montreal team, headed by Harout Chitilian, made a strong impression on the judge.

Soul.City was invited to the small gathering, and I got the chance to discuss with the judge about our city discovery app.

Great news:  On June 17th at a gala event in Columbus, Ohio, Montréal won the prize title!

Here at Soul.City we’re proud to be a small part of the success of our vibrant and entrepreneurial city in this competition!


by @AnnickCity

You can also check the article from La Presse on the subject :

Montréal choisi “communauté intelligente de l’année” | Karim Benessaieh | Mobilité

Parce qu’il est resté fidèle ” à son ADN qui a donné le Cirque du Soleil et une puissante industrie du jeu vidéo “, Montréal a été désigné ville intelligente par excellence jeudi soir par l’Intelligent Community Forum.

My heart beats for Alta Bistro, Whistler, BC

Some foodie experiences simply imprint an indelible mark on you.  Such was a recent visit to Alta Bistro, nestled in the gorgeous Rockies resort town of Whistler, BC.  The quaint restaurant, located just a few streets away from the village’s main action, makes you feel right at home with a casual rustic ambiance.  The service is beyond friendly, but make no mistake, this restaurant takes its food seriously.


The epic meal began with sumptuous oysters served on cooled river rocks, accompanied by a Meyer lemon granita.  The Okanagan Valley Pinot Gris, ordered by the glass, made a perfect pair to the dish.  Next came the elk tartar and foie gras parfait, topped with cocoa nibs.

Already swooning, a plate of tuna albacore appearIMG_4045ed, followed by an ale roasted Alberta Wagyu beef, seared
just so!  And let me not forget the simply amazing smoked cauliflower! Owner / GM / Wine Director Eric Griffith suggested a personal favourite:  a beautiful Château Guibeau from Saint-Émilion.  As this epicurean adventure was coming to an end, I was tempted by a marvelous lavender crème brûlée.

If you find yourself in Whistler, Alta Bistro is the place to delight your foodie heart (reservations are a must).  It scores in my top 10 worldwide culinary experiences.

#Romantic  #Foodie  #Outdoorsy

by @AnnickCity

City break success : a weekend change of scene

Fed up waiting for the holidays ? Had enough of the daily routine ? If you too are wanting to escape, far away, for a brief moment, spend some romantic or family time, then you are certainly a future citybreaker without knowing it .

The City Break : a few days to let go

Or who knows, you might have been already. The City Break is this new way of travelling for a long week-end, to discover cities such as Barcelona, London, and of course French cities like Paris, Marseille or Strasbourg.

Actually this is the principle : have a break, and take a few days holidays to travel.

This is a very European trend, with growing success, especially thanks to the increasing number of low cost and last minute flights, the reduction of working hours meaning more spare time, but also thanks to the communication of the cities themselves, highlighting what they have on offer.


The new traveller, Soul.City App gives the answer

Today, we travel for a shorter time but more often. A new standard which travel agencies have to adapt to. And some of them find it tough letting the old methods go.

As the citybreaker is the traveller of the unexpected. A weekend abroad can be planned just as it can be improvised. The « break » means living in the moment, and seeking surprises. No surprise then, that we have to deal with a traveller 2.0 : he’s connected, and used to improvisation, whether for the booking of his journey or the organization of his stay. The traveller of tomorrow is the one wanting to avoid constraints while aiming for quality, looking for a route which suits him, and all that with a specific timeframe…

… you see where I’m going with this right ? Yes, with us at Soul.City : we get it, and I mean all of it. We get that the traveller of tomorrow is taking shape right now, and that it’s necessary to offer him a simple, well adapted, immediate and efficient service. There are many possible « breaks », from the family trip to the romantic walk, from the gastronomic journey to the shopping marathon : any excuse will do for the purpose of letting go !

Today, Soul.City is the answer to all these expectations, and you only have to ask and we’re ready to help you discover more and more cities, more and more feelings.

So how about you? What are you waiting for to take your break ?

See the France2 report on this subject :

Tourisme : les escapades urbaines ont le vent en poupe

Quand les vacances d’été et les plages ensoleillées se font attendre, il y a un moyen de changer d’air : les city-breaks. Des week-ends prolongés à la découverte de villes comme Barcelone, Amsterdam, Londres mais aussi Paris, Marseille ou encore Strasbourg en France.

Soul.City : a Montréal Start-up has a new way for you to travel

If you’re looking for a way to explore something new or rediscover something you’ve known your whole life, Soul.City wants to offer you that experience.

A Montréal Start-up has a new way for you to travel

Explore Montréal, no matter how you feel! Have you ever been on vacation and felt like TripAdvisor just didn’t get you? Does Expedia keep ignoring your emotional needs? Well, a Montréal start-up gets it, and they have a new way for you to experience the world with the launch of their app Soul.City.

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