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13th district: another Paris, by Guillaume Le Roux

You may know that in every big city, despite traffic and noise, we like to preserve some green, more quiet spaces. Paris is no exception and goes even further. The 13th district of the city is a surprising and beautiful nest of nature and exotism. To pay tribute to an unfairly forgotten corner by visitors (and in fact even by city dwellers themselves), Guillaume Le Roux, a tourist guide and member of the Paris Tourism Office, offers everyone to go and meet with all these secret places, during guided tours you will find on his website Le Vrai Paris.

Today, he makes us the honor of sharing this experience by making Soul.City a new media for his journeys. Discover two brand new itineraries: Butte aux Cailles and Chinatown!

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Sneaker culture is on Soul.City with Sneakers Empire

Do you think that what you wear to your feet defines a person? A spot on your sneakers causes you to have a never-ending depression? If you’ve answered “yes” twice, you’re probably a sneaker addict who doesn’t know. Unless you were already aware of that, in which case what I’m about to tell you will interest you even more.

Sneaker culture is undeniably a form of pop-culture that has more and more influence. Indeed, the subject is much more complex than it appears, and each shoe is unique and has its own history. A passion that brings together a crowd of passionate people, giving birth to associations such as Sneakers Empire in Strasbourg, which offers you today their vision of the city via a new itinerary: “Sneaker Addict“.

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Art, romance and discovery: from New York to San Francisco with Marie-Joëlle Parent

If you’ve been following Soul.City news lately, you may have noticed that two of the largest US cities, New York and San Francisco were already set up for discovery.

Among the guides already available, Marie-Joëlle Parent, an absolute specialist in the subject is treating us with two new ones. Author of the book series “300 reasons to love“, she has already combed through these two iconic cities. With her guide “Artist” in San Francisco and “Romantic” in New York, she’s revealing her best addresses to us. Here is the portrait of an experienced traveler, in addition to her many other passions.

Marie-Joëlle Parent, a trend to follow

Born in Montreal, Marie-Joëlle Parent is a multi-media journalist, columnist, content creator and author. She’s been living in the US since 2009. She launched her guidebook 300 reasons to love New York in 2015, which became the first in a series that is constantly evolving with Marie-Joelle as its director. Her second guide, 300 reasons to love San Francisco, was published in October 2016.

 As a multi-media correspondent for Quebecor for 6 years, she covered many significant events in the United States, from Barack Obama’s re-election to the reconstruction of the World Trade Center.

She’s conducted various major interviews with personalities such as Yoko Ono,
Tony Bennett, Johnny Hallyday, Paul Haggis, Lauren Bush, Cécilia Attias, Candace Bushnell, Jimmy Fallon, Alicia Keys, LarryKing and Moby.

Her Instagram account, which contains 12,000 odd photos, was named one of the Top 10 accounts to follow in 2013, according to French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur.

She’s passionate about large cities and spends her life between San Francisco and New York.

→ Check out her Instagram account!

→ Check out her website for info on her upcoming destinations!

→ Or follow her on Facebook for all her other news

Interview with Marie-Joëlle Parent

Check out our exclusive interview with Marie-Joëlle, live from San Francisco. She agreed to answer our questions, and reveals her motivations, ambitions, her love for traveling and even gives us a taste of projects she’s preparing!

Marie-Joëlle Parent : l’interview exclusive / New York version romantique !

La créatrice et auteure à succès du guide “300 raisons d’aimer New York”, Marie-Joëlle Parent, nous a accordé quelques minutes afin d’en savoir un peu plus sur elle et sur ce qui nous attend dans ses nouveaux parcours. Ici, elle y présente un itinéraire inédit créé sur mesure pour Soul.City : découvrir New York en en mode romantique !

Romantic or Artistic, two unique guides

Drawing on her experiences, “MJ” had no trouble imagining dynamic and original guides adapted to Soul.City and its users.

“I wanted to highlight the soul of each area”

For romantics, choose New York. The city views alone are well worth the detour and could form an itinerary in its own right. But New York isn’t just about endless skyscrapers. The city offers its share of open green spaces, far from noise yet at the centre of everything. An aspect that becomes more obvious as you get closer to Brooklyn. The famous Brooklyn Bridge is a monument in its own right, but it’s what’s on the other side that will delight romantics.

The itinerary can be downloaded here!

If you’re an artist at heart, destination San Francisco. The city is famous for its artistic touch, and is a constant source of inspiration. The rising cost of real estate has led artists to come up with increasingly ingenious solutions to set up their work shops, providing new and unique galleries. This artistic streak extends to the cafes and restaurants of the city, pure joy for novelty fans!

The itinerary can be downloaded here!

Welcome to New York City ! 6 itineraries to start a new story

Always further! After San Fransisco, Soul.City brings up a new challenge in discovering every corner of the biggest city in the United States: welcome to New York City! We went to scout the best locations in one of the most impressive nests of multiculturalism and trends in the world.

Strong of a unique style, New York easily switches between ultra modernism and history, with a rich and constantly renewed experience. As a result, we end up with tons of amazing addresses that are just waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a quick look at the 6 launching itineraries!


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6 blogs to discover New York’s secrets

At Soul.City, we always have seen the citizens as the true city’s soul. Their habits and their tastes are building the very identity of the town, day after day. Even the biggest cities follow this trend, including New York. « The Big Apple », « The City that never sleeps » : you got it. Before heading there (sh! this stays between you and me), Soul.City wanted to know more about the bloggers, who not only participate to the New York’s hectic life, but who also share this life with everyone. Here are for you 6 essential blogs held by authentic New Yorkers, who will show you the whole city in the blink of an eye! Perhaps you’ll plan your futur trip?

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What if we found the beautiful children’s museum in Paris? The Fairground Museum

I have been working for some time to create the ideal course to please children when you are in Paris. But Paris is gigantic and so rich of attractions of all kinds. I know Paris well, not as well as the Parisians themselves (although), but to propose the ideal course it is really necessary to widen the brain. Because it is easy to be tempted to propose the same perpetual places, certainly unavoidable, but not really “astonishing”.

I have to tell you that once again, I regretted not having a Soul.City course already ready. There is certainly not one ideal course, they are multiple, but to have someone who takes you by the hand, makes you go out in the right place, takes you through this small atypical lane to discover this little shop or this small restaurant with little crowd of tourists, is really great. It will not stop you from losing yourself a bit to discover yourself new things, but it saves you from missing some great things that are often known only to local people, with their anecdotes and their eyes.

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1st local itinerary for SpaceX lunar tourists on Soul.City

Soul.City launches the first local itinerary for SpaceX lunar tourists… an atypical journey, at the heart of the universe.

Ready for moon landing ?

On February 27th, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced the send-off of two avant-garde tourists to the moon by 2018.  The SpaceX program was founded in 2002 with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars.  Meanwhile, SpaceX has developed the Falcon launch vehicle family and the Dragon spacecraft family, which deliver payloads into Earth orbit.

Following Mr. Musk and SpaceX lead, the team at Soul.City anticipated the demand for ideas of what to do upon landing in this rather exotic destination.  Hence the creation of the first ever local itinerary on the moon!

Available now on the Soul.City app to all its users, this unique itinerary promises an unforgettable experience.  The moon points of interest are of course intended to evolve, with the expected arrival of brand names looking to bring their products to outer space.  The names of Starbucks, McDonald’s or Pizza Hut are obvious possibilities, amongst many others looking for… emerging markets!

What to do on the Moon ?

The Soul.City itinerary takes inspiration from emblematic lunar sites, such as “Taurus Littrow Valley”, where Apollo 17 landed, or “Jackson Crater” and “Aristarchus Plateau”, but also other little known sites that Soul.City users can now discover through the app.

We expect that the first SpaceX tourists may become the privileged testers of the Soul.City lunar itinerary.  Their comments and suggestions are welcome!  They may wish, however, to first download the itinerary using Soul.City’s “off line” feature, because we do not yet know whether 4G data will be available on the moon by 2018.

The Soul.City technical team also awaits confirmation by Google of the mapping of the moon, not quite functional at press time.

Taking off to new horizons!

As we expect that not every human being will have the opportunity to participate in SpaceX lunar travel, Soul.City has a surprise for you!  Deployment of our discovery app in 10 cities worldwide!  And to do so, we need YOU!

We’re soon launching Soul.Cityzen, a community where everyone who loves to travel may submit itineraries in their favourite cities.  Hang tight… taking off soon!

You may now sign up to be informed on the recruitment launch of our Soul.Cityzens!

Download the itinerary « On the Moon » for free 

Secret Stories now available on Soul.City !

Since Soul.City launched on the Apple App Store earlier this year, our team has made a priority of adding pertinent content and itineraries in our different “feelings” categories over the three cities we are now deployed in: Montréal, Strasbourg, and Paris.  We have also met with professionals in the tourism industry, who have voiced their wish to have customized itineraries for their own customers… and that got us thinking!

Our creative team imagined a new and unique feature… Secret Stories!  This new feature will be available in just a few days in the updated version of the Soul.City app, and will mark our last major innovation before we launch the much anticipated Android version !

So, what exactly are the Secret Stories?

Entirely customizable itineraries dedicated to the tourism professionals who wish to enhance their customers’ experience in the city they are in… anywhere in the world!  You are a hotel concierge or tourism provider of any kind and wish to help your customers experience a truly local and personalized experience?  We’ve created Secret Stories just for you !



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Soul.City Makes Waves at StartupFest!

Back only a few weeks from Paris, Soul.City arrived on the Montreal tech scene with a big splash at StartupFest! Held on the Esplanade du Vieux-Port from July 13-16, the event saw nearly 3,000 startup and investor attendees from every corner of the world.

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Montréal:  Intelligent Community of the Year!

In April a small group of leading business people was invited by the City of Montréal for a cocktail evening in the offices of BMO to meet Mr. Robert Bell, executive director and co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).  Mr. Bell was in town to judge the seven finalists for Intelligent Community of the Year, which Montréal had the privilege to be part of.

26041276323_91191e4f02_zThe Montreal team, headed by Harout Chitilian, made a strong impression on the judge.

Soul.City was invited to the small gathering, and I got the chance to discuss with the judge about our city discovery app.

Great news:  On June 17th at a gala event in Columbus, Ohio, Montréal won the prize title!

Here at Soul.City we’re proud to be a small part of the success of our vibrant and entrepreneurial city in this competition!


by @AnnickCity

You can also check the article from La Presse on the subject :

Montréal choisi “communauté intelligente de l’année” | Karim Benessaieh | Mobilité

Parce qu’il est resté fidèle ” à son ADN qui a donné le Cirque du Soleil et une puissante industrie du jeu vidéo “, Montréal a été désigné ville intelligente par excellence jeudi soir par l’Intelligent Community Forum.

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