Since Soul.City launched on the Apple App Store earlier this year, our team has made a priority of adding pertinent content and itineraries in our different “feelings” categories over the three cities we are now deployed in: Montréal, Strasbourg, and Paris.  We have also met with professionals in the tourism industry, who have voiced their wish to have customized itineraries for their own customers… and that got us thinking!

Our creative team imagined a new and unique feature… Secret Stories!  This new feature will be available in just a few days in the updated version of the Soul.City app, and will mark our last major innovation before we launch the much anticipated Android version !

So, what exactly are the Secret Stories?

Entirely customizable itineraries dedicated to the tourism professionals who wish to enhance their customers’ experience in the city they are in… anywhere in the world!  You are a hotel concierge or tourism provider of any kind and wish to help your customers experience a truly local and personalized experience?  We’ve created Secret Stories just for you !



The Secret Stories feature creates a unique QR code which directs a visitor to a customized itinerary within Soul.City! For example, a hotel concierge may create his/her own local discovery itinerary with restaurants, boutiques, museums, and other points of interest that he/she may wish to propose to the guests.  Soul.City therefore offers an innovative experience to the concierge’s customers, within an app that already exists and boasts thousands of users!  Moreover, the Secret Stories feature may also be used for special events, meetups, or festivals!  Then let us deal with the hassle of inputing all the additional information such as images, GPS coordinates, descriptions, time schedules, etc.


We hope that tourism experts get on board with this innovative feature! 

 Interested in finding out more about Secret Stories?  Contact us with your questions, we’re here to help you provide your customers with an exciting new city discovery adventure: your own!

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