If there was ever an art form that was slow in getting the recognition it deserves, it’s street art. Long considered graffiti desecration, it has finally evolved into an integral part of the urban landscape. It isn’t a new phenomenon by any means, but it is getting more widely accepted and embraced, some cities even starting to showcase it as a cultural, touristic attraction.

Unrestrained, unconventional, irreverent and highly creative art, around the corner, around the globe. And yes, we know the globe is a mighty big canvas to send you strolling for. That is why Soul.Cityis offering you smaller, more targeted glimpses intothe world’s better street canvases, with itsStreet Art Fan routes!

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In Europe, a work of art as diverse as the landscape

Street art in the old continent is a mosaic that mirrors Europe’s uniqueness: the richness of its diversity.

From Paris to Berlin and through Strasbourg, every style is telling of an era, a story, a passion. From representations of geek pop culture, like Star Wars in Strasbourg or Final Fantasy in Paris, to promoting liberty through the prolific works of Dan 23 or Jaek El Diablo.

Street art can as easily become a touristic attraction as it is a celebration of culture. Strasbourg, for example, recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Contemporary and Modern Art Museumwith a Street Art exhibit and its now famously colourfultrain stationhas become a work of art in itself.

In America, a work of art as big as the landscape

From San Francisco,to New York or to Montréal. America sees and thinks BIG. New York’s Soho shows the world what street art can do when it wraps up entire buildings. San Francisco counts close to 3000 outdoor murals,most of which are centered in the Mission borough. Tiny Balmy Alley by itself, boasts more than 40 of them. And Montreal raises the bar even higher, hosting every summer a festival dedicated to street art!

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